Monday, March 26, 2007

ten miles

Because the weather is finally better, Babe and I can resume our walking ridiculous distances on the weekend for no apparent reason.

This weekend we did ten miles as planned. And then went as follows:

On Friday night, we did two miles as we walked from our place on 44th and 9th to Lincoln Center to check out the Opera. We saw Madama Butterfly at the NYC Opera. Pretty neat stuff, and the opera house is beautiful and the opera was sad and sad.

Then we walked home. Stopped at a few great places on the way, such as the Hudson Hotel for a fancy drink then Vintage and the Film Center Cafe for a couple more. Oh yeah and Lucky Burger which we can talk more about later.

That was two miles.

Saturday, we walked up to 77 (44 - 77 = 1.5 miles) then watched Zodiac at the Upper West Side theater. Then walked home.

That was three miles.

Yesterday we had to do five miles in one day so opted to walk to the Lower East Side/Chinatown to check out Fried Dumpling, where two people can have lunch for five dollars. That was about 4 miles, then we walked back up to Astor Place and took the subway home.

That was five miles.


Randi said...

I think you found the blog mojo you thought you lost but really didn't it was just because you were super busy...
In other words, I loved this post.

Jessica said...

I wish I had places that interesting to walk to . . .