Thursday, July 13, 2017


Thank god for my husband, Babe. You know he's the sporty type. He did all kinds of sports as a kid. Okay, well did baseball. So it's always been really important for him that our kids do those things. 

When Buddy was real little, we didn't sign her up for stuff because she was in daycare all day and she did so much stuff! But when she was about five we started trying out different activities. She likes soccer and she is a really good swimmer. 

There's this indoor soccer thing over the summer that we signed her up for and they had a class at the same time for baby JOZE. 

Please enjoy the following collection of the cutest shit I have ever seen.

Excuse my language. 



Soccer stance. 

Soccer stance. 

Such a tuffy. 

Watching her sissy. 

One more for good measure. 

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