Thursday, July 06, 2017


I owe you weekend pics, fourth of july pics, so many pics! But these are neither. The nanny sent these today of the little girls playing at the park. 

I love our little park. It's not a five minute walk from our house. The girls especially Joze basically hang out there all day with all the other neighborhood kids and their nannies. It's a wee community. 

In the summer they have this little wading pool that is so darn cute. 

They also have arts and crafts every day and games. They hire these teenagers who basically get paid to teach your kids how to make stuff and hang out. They are all super nice and I like them very much. 

It's all free! Get out! 
Here they are making art. 

And here's Joze with her chubby baby hands drawing with markers in her overalls with her eyelashes all long I'm going to eat her. 

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Randi said...

Well I love all of this.