Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Camp, summer, whatnot

We have one month left of summer for the Buddy before she starts second grade!

We kept the camp pretty light this year because she still has fun at the park playing.

The main problem with the camps around here are that they end at noon, 3 or sometime five but that is rare. And they cost an arm and a leg. And we're paying the nanny an arm and leg, so we don't have any more arms and legs to spare. We don't have them!!

So, this year Buddy did two camps within walking distance of the house, so the nanny could go pick her up. The first was art camp and she made some really neat stuff. She did paper mache which she was super happy about.

The second one was nerd  robot camp. UGH she loved it so much. She was so excited to do it and then every day would talk about all this robot stuff. I think we've got a little scientist on our hands, people.

Plus the took awesome pictures every day and I love all of them. 

She's so cute my Buddy. She's getting so big, seven years old! I feel so lucky to have her. 


Ang said...

she's so tan too!

Randi said...

Very cool. Casey always talks about wanting to be an engineer. Hope they can study together.

Christine said...