Tuesday, May 09, 2017

weekend pics

just so you know, when i upload my pics they don't upload in the order i want them to. so i am going to embrace it and you'll just have to come along for the ride. 

went on a trip to portland for cin's 40th beeday! 

got a blow out and took little buddy. she's so cute!! 

mandatory airport selfie 

coffee date before blowouts

selfies for me while i'm on the road 

these two beauties 

zacatecas date

the view from where we were staying of the columbia river gorge 

my own selfie 

the hot tub that was so far from the house in the middle of the night! 

two kids in a box 

making our masterpiece 

this pizza! shaped like the millennium falcon 

the house and more green 

my absolute favorite picture from the weekend 


Randi said...

Absolutely fab! LOVE LOVE LOVE

cindita said...

Gorgeous shots! What a fun recap of the weekend!