Wednesday, April 26, 2017


This month (and these past few months) have been just CRAZY at work. We've had at least one, sometimes two events a week. Plus I've been teaching every Thursday night. Plus, two kids and a husband. You know the drill.

Yesterday, we culminated the month of craziness with THREE events in one day - the board of councilors meeting, a high school trip from 100 high schoolers, and my night time event with 250 attendees and a panel which included a very high maintenance celebrity.

I am so ready for a break. But I'm also excited to say I have a new job! I am starting in two weeks, more or less, as the managing director of a research center here on campus. It will be nice to do something different! My commute will be a tad shorter, I will have a really nice and really chill boss, and I get to do more management, which I like.

I'll keep you posted, ya'all!!

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