Wednesday, March 29, 2017

On mammograms & biopsies & whatnot

Last week, while I was just reading about the changes that these jokers up in Washington were trying to make to healthcare I got crazy mad!

I just had a mammogram three weeks ago and I was thinking while I was having my boobs squashed into the machine how thankful I was for the healthcare I have.

Early detection of breast cancer is critical!

I ended up having to have three biopsies last week for things that were "highly suspicious," and that sucked. The actual procedures were no walk in the park; they were scary and they hurt. The women who worked at the clinic were really helpful, professional and kind.

Waiting for the results was no picnic either. Babe and I went and were so relieved to find out I didn't have cancer, it didn't really matter what else she said. I knew whatever the results were, we would figure it out, but uncertainty around health issues is heavy stuff.

I have to have surgery in the next couple of months and will meet for a consultation at the end of this month, but that sounds like a cakewalk compared to all the steps I would have had to take if it turned out to be cancer.

Whatever else you learned from this story, you should now know that things I consider easy are a walk in the park, a picnic and a cakewalk.

You're welcome.


Christine said...

super scary! I'm so glad you're OK xo

Randi said...

Girl, next time I see you we are walking in the park and having a picnic fo'sho.
Glad you're good. So glad.