Wednesday, March 01, 2017

On growing up Catholic

Just kidding, this isn't about that.

This is about Lent, one of my favorite traditions. Do you know me? Then you know I love little games of deprivation. Deprivation Games.

I try to challenge myself for Lent because it is a finite way to get rid of something that has become a habit. I usually give up candy and something else, like beer. This year I should give up wine and Facebook but then what would I have left in life?

So, I'm giving up candy and Ritz. What's that you say? Ritz? Why on earth would anyone ever need to give up something like Ritz?

At my house, we buy Ritz at Costco and those buttery, flakey treats are my go to for any mealtime. Not so healthy, not so wise.

Candy is a no brainer, no one needs it and I won't miss it. But I do eat it and so not eating it is better than eating it.

So there you go. No mas Ritz. See you in Easter you crispy devils.

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