Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow


  • Taco tuesday didn't happen the way I thought it would on my drive home. The kids were super needy so we had hot dogs canned corn and mac n cheese. 
  • Both girls slept good and I did too. 
  • Work is work, man. I didn't have any appointments out of the office so theoretically just got it done.
  • Supreme court nominee anounced. Pretty bad, but could have been worse. 
  • Big gala type event tonight. No one there will want to talk to a fundraiser. There will be good food. I won't be home til 10. 
  • I stopped at Drybar on my way to work so I am well coiffed.
  • Rex Tillerson confirmed. Just like all the other ones will be. 
  • Teaching at night, working in the day. No more events for a while.
  • Who knows? Maybe some unique identifiers tattooed on our skin based on our religion? 


Randi said...

Those voters sure got the change they were after if nothing else. America went from great to bullshit it a week.

Randi said...