Wednesday, February 15, 2017

valentimes day - this post was from yesterday but I never had a chance to publish it

happy valentine's day to you and yours!

Ten years ago, I wrote this on Valentines day:

Well, this was a new sensation this morning. Being pelted with little tiny ice cubes on my way to work. Makes the best sound on the trash bags as you walk by them, but certainly doesnt feel great on the back of your ears. Ears!

What are your plans for today? Mine are to make full indian dinner and then watch LOST. Maybe Babe and I will toast with a glass of wine, before he has to go play Volleyball.

Funny responses from the people who used to comment on my blog all the time! Have a look here
For tonight, we have valentimes cards for the girls and I got babe fancy donuts from Birdies Downtown which makes I think the best donuts I've had in southern California? 

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