Thursday, February 23, 2017

random story about a job i had in college

I spent at least one semester in college working as a waitress at an Indian Restaurant. It was across the street from our apartment, The Peach Pit. The proprietor's name was (is) Pradeep and he was a complete nut. What I remember specifically about Pradeep:

  1. He was a super smart guy.
  2. He and his wife just didn't get along.
  3. He was bad at owning a restaurant.
Pradeep didn't last too long in the business; his heart wasn't really into it. He was a good cook but spent most of the time in the kitchen talking (about his wife that he couldn't stand) or out in the restaurant talking to customers.

God forbid you didn't finish your food - he would think you didn't like it and send you another dish, and another dish until you were nearly ill from eating so much. 

I celebrated my 21st birthday at Pradeep's restaurant, all of my friends came and we all ate like kings and queens.

He had two little children; I still have their little baby pictures somewhere. We completely lost touch until recently when we became Facebook friends! I just saw his son has graduated from Berkeley. 

I wasn't a particularly good waitress, by the way. 

Morals of this story: 1) Time flies, I guess, because I can't believe his tiny kid has graduated college. 2) Here's another dope story of an immigrant in the United States making dreams come true. 3) I had a lot of random jobs in college. 

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Quite the post. HAHAHA