Monday, January 09, 2017

weekend pics

it was a chill weekend! in part because babe and buddy went up to the bay area for babe's work christmas party. they flew up friday morning and came back saturday afternoon. here is buddy at babe's work. we were supposed to go but because of joze's horrible cold, she and i stayed back. 

and ate dinner with our feet up. 

and took selfies. 

ate out, with my sister ang who is never pictured i dont know why. 

nice pic of joze's body. those pants are brand new and both the pants and the shirt are 3t. she is 19 months old. 

buddy showed joze where she was going to go to pre-school, kindergarten and laup. 

and we tried on a hat. 

not pictured here: two dates with babe, a cake made by my sister, and at least 10,000 steps a day! 


Ang said...

there is a selfie of me & josie dude & the one sash took of me!

Randi said...

Joz and Toots are gonna have to share their clothes.