Thursday, December 22, 2016

happy holidays!

Nothing says happy holidays like a 6 year old, am I right people?
Buddy has been a big fan of Christmas for years, but this is the year that she wakes up every day and counts how many days til Christmas. 

I love it. 

I feel as though we used to employ Santa as a tool more in previous years, but her good behavior is through the roof right now. I think I've only pulled the Santa is watching card one time this season.

Last night, she put her sissy to bed. She got in her crib and put a blankie on her and read her bedtime stories. 

Today we went and watched her performance. The kids sang I want a hippopotamus for Christmas, a song I could frankly do without, and Jingle Bell Rock which is awesome.

We've got three more days! Today is my last day of work and I am off tomorrow but not really telling people (ie, the nanny). I am going to do some shopping and maybe go to a movie. Ha! 

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Randi said...

Casey's behavior has been positively atrocious. I hope it's this cold and the transition to camp instead of school to blame but yeah. Santa is on call like a mofo in our house.