Wednesday, November 16, 2016

hump day

  • just completed my 3rd event in three weeks. i must say - this was my favorite. we featured the state treasurer and he spoke with one of our professors. they were both total policy nerds and everyone enjoyed it. the room was full and people were happy.
  • my little ones are both feeling better (today). there have been some colds running around the house a little but as of today, i think everyone is one the mend. lets keep it that way!
  • its finally fall here (for now) so that makes me very happy. 
  • i know the election results are still dragging (me and) everyone down, but i feel like people are still remaining engaged in a postive way, calling senators and what not. lets keep it going people. 
  • thanksgiving is coming! i feel like i should fast until them. 

1 comment:

Randi said...

A week of fasting sounds super dangerous, dude. Also? It will interfere with our Toppers pizza party this weekend.