Tuesday, November 01, 2016

halloween wrap up

These pics are so similar but I couldn't choose. In the top one, Buddy is looking at Joze a little bit which is sweet but in the bottom she looks like Wonder Woman, so determined and fierce. And in both you can admire Joze's little tail wagging. 

The loot! 

Joze only went to the neighbors house and then helped me pass out candy. Babe took Buddy all over the place. When she got home we poured out her candy (see above) and later Babe said, did your mom look over the candy? 

And I said, oh, for needles and stuff? No, I was just looking to see what I wanted to eat. 


Now we can put away the halloween decorations for another year, which will make the house feel 100% neater. 

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Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to you dear Caroline on Nov. 2nd.
I remember when you were born. Tired as I was you were
still the cutest baby in St.John`s nursery. XO
Love, Ma