Tuesday, November 29, 2016

a few weekend pics

It was such a nice long weekend. We did all kinds of fun stuff, and some days didn't do very much at all. 

We celebrated Thanksgiving on Friday this year, giving us Thursday as a free day. May I recommend this to you as a thing to do. 
On Thanksgiving we went to Venice Beach and walked around. 

Took in the canals and all the unbelievably beautiful homes. 

We then hit up Three Weavers to grab some beer for Thanksgiving. 

The kids painted a castle on Turkey Day.

Sash got new peejays. 

I took Joze to the library to make crafts. 

We made this cool house. 
My sister took the children to the grove and took this magical picture. 

We also went to The Point and it was blustery! 

Here's my little first grader. 

and here's the stinker baby. 

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