Thursday, October 20, 2016

this morning

As I was getting ready, I walked by the bathroom where Buddy had just finished brushing her teeth.

She was standing there and she looked sad. I said what's a matter, buddy?

She said "I wish I could have some ice cream right now."

I said "oh. Well, I wish I could have a million dollars" and I walked into my room.

She went over to one of her piggy banks and started to shake out some money. She gave me about 26 cents in small change. I said "oh babe, you should keep your money!" She said "no I want you to have it."

I said "okay I'll put it in my big change thing at work."

She said, no use it buy yourself something.



Ang said...

she speaks the truth always. that's why i love her.

Ang said...

and thanks for making me cry at my desk!

Randi said...

She's a great kiddo.