Wednesday, October 26, 2016


I couldn't sleep the other night, which used to happen to me all the time, and now rarely does. Somehow I starting thinking of all the roomates I've had in my life.

For your review:

  1. My first roommates (after my family, of course), were in the Freeborn Dorm at Cal. I had a triple and one of the gals was named Julie Kim. She was very sweet a little older. She was really nice to me. The other was a nice gal named Michelle, she was a Jehovah's Witness, so I was FASCINATED.
  2. The summer between freshman and sophomore year, I shared a studio apartment with my sister on 33rd and 3rd in Manhattan. It was so fun and so hot that summer. 
  3. My second roommate was supposed to be Jolene, but she didn't come back to Cal that year. So, I had to find one through a corkboard in the student union. Her name was Rachel and we had the same birthday. She was from Nebraska and I sort of hated her. 
  4. I then found some awesome friends to move in with and moved into the Peach Pit in Berkeley. That summer I lived with two summer sublets, one was a guy named Jaddua who was RAD. He was from Fresno and he was kind of out there but in all the good wasy. The other was this couple named Jenny and Caleb and they had a boa constrictor, I kid you not.
  5. Then, the two girls who I was supposed to live with moved in: one was my life partner GUS and the other was this Portuguese chick named Liz who had controle tattooed on her lady parts. Not kidding.
  6. Then, me and Gus shared a place.
  7. Then, I moved into the Big House with five other people and we had so much fun. Each of those people brought a unique quality to the house and were in general pretty much super good roommates.
  8. Then, I had my own place for one year.
  9. Then, I moved in with Babe. 

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