Thursday, September 22, 2016

sicky kiddo

Dude! Nothing turns the whole week around like a sick baby!

Baby Josie had a fever starting on Sunday, I guess? When we came home from Montana. Then it was pretty high on Monday. Then, she was up all night on Monday night.

Then, Tuesday I stayed home from work to take her to the doctor and sleep a little bit.

Then, she didn't have a fever anymore, but man is she grouchy.

So tired!! Won't eat anything. All coughing and yuck yuck.

So what's today? Thursday? She slept from 8pm til 730 this morning and woke up grouchy as can be. Still no appetite, still coughing.

I just went by at lunch time because I had a morning meeting and she looked a lot happier. She was eating a string cheese. Hopefully she has turned a corner!!

Anyways, I'll let you know how she is tomorrow and then we'll resume regular blog activities.


Ang said...

give her a kiss from auntie!

Randi said...

Rootin' for you Joz! And Cod!