Wednesday, August 17, 2016

thirteen years

thirteen years ago me and chach tied the knot!

it was such a fun day with all of our friends and family there. 

there was only a handful of children - gabby's dani was there, nava was three months old, some of babe's coworkers had kids. 

of our wedding party, there were a few couples that are still together - derek and g were brand new! lisa and thad were already married. cin and omar of course. 

it was a fun day in a beautiful setting. 

here we are! 13 years later. we have two kids and we own a home. we live in los angeles, at the time we got married we had been in living in the west village of manhattan for just one year. we flew back to berkeley to tie the knot.

happy anniversary babe! 


Randi said...

Love you guys! Congratulations on your super long marriage!

Ma said...

Happy Anniversary Caroline and Mike!

The pictures of your vacation are great. What a happy memory for all of us.
Love, Ma XO