Tuesday, August 16, 2016

a week off!

i took a whole week off and here's what i did:

  • went to san diego twice!
  • took both of my little girls to dinner, by myself. 
  • got a massage!
  • got to stay in this cute little house behind a gorgeous bigger house in an area of san diego called blossom valley.
  • swam every day!
  • took the kids to the beach.
  • ate good mexican food.
  • saw my mom in the hospital as she recovered from her surgery.
  • took the joze to the emergency room and then had to have her admitted with something called bronchilitis. 
  • celebrated my nephew's 11th birthday.
  • went to a couple of breweries.
  • then drove home and got to see two of my bestie friendies!
all the pictures are coming your way soon soon.

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