Thursday, July 28, 2016

mid-summer update (10 things, pretty fast. don't overthink it)

  1. It's very hot here. Not NYC hot, but hot nonetheless.
  2. I have been walking a lot in prep for the Boob Walk in September. I have raised $1,095 of the $1,800 so far. I have walked *nearly* every day for the past month, but need to double it in August.
  3. Buddy did three camps this summer. She did a half day soccer camp which was fun I think but seemed hot. She did a art camp at the middle school by our house which I hated because they were disorganized, but a lot of her little friends were in it. She is currently in a musical theater camp which is well run and lovely. She got her part yesterday and will be an OOMPA LOOMPA so yeah. That is going to be cute.
  4. Little Joze just plays every day with the nanny. They go to the park twice a day and she plays in the wading pool.
  5. I just go to work every day. Ha! It's going all right. Summer tends to be quiet and busy. Meaning - not a lot of people in my face but I have a lot to do to get ready for the fall. 
  6. I have been madly in love with the DNC and Obama's speech last night was just incredible.
  7. I've also been madly in love with this winery and their wine. Ramos Torres Winery. I joined their wine club. My first one! 
  8. We have our "summer social" tonight which is a sort of fundraiser/party at one of our donors house. Babe is meeting me there and we got a babysitter so it is also like a date!
  9. Okay, only 8 things, pretty fast. 

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