Monday, July 25, 2016

fresno weekend

I snapped this photo first thing on Saturday morning. This is without a filter - the sky really was orange and the sun too. 
 Josie in her little tiny nightgown. 
We stopped at the Ramos Torres winery again on our way to Fresno. I love this place! 


Two bathing beauties. 

 little girl friends 
 Us and our children. Josie throwin shade as usual. 
No trip is complete without a stop at the a brewery. This was the Tioga-Sequioa Brewing Company. It was righteous.  
The trip was just wonderful. It was so nice to get away. The drive was relatively easy and fun. On the way home we stopped at a brewery in Santa Clarita and had dinner. We got home around 6pm and the girls had a chance to play and run around before bed. 

Now, back to work! 

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Randi said...

Mila and her bro bro are twinsies! xoxo