Thursday, July 14, 2016


You know I dream all the time, every night.

I have recurring dreams that I hate like the one where it is the last day of school and I forgot to go to class the whole year. I have that one frequently and every time I wake up I am so happy I am not in school. 

I also often dream I just can't get where I need to go. Like some little detail keeps detaining me or sending me home. Very frustrating.

Last night I had a new spin on those stress dreams. I dreamt I was trying to move out of a house, a home where a bunch of folks lived, and I was so behind schedule. Every room had my stuff in it; I would think I was making progress and then see the bookshelf full of DVDs and mine were interspersed. I wanted to leave everything behind but I couldn't. I had to keep packing up and packing up. So frustrating.


Randi said...

Ugh I have totally had the school dream where I'm late for a final or forgot to do an assignment and am so very glad I'm done with that.

Deus Carmo said...

Lindo trabalho. O mundo ficou pequeno. Hoje podemos nos tocar, e no entanto, quanto solidão!