Tuesday, July 05, 2016

4th of July

I wish there was some way to describe the 4th of July in my neighborhood. You'll just have to come over some time to see it. There are literally 15 - 20 "amateur" fire work shows going off in every direction. This was the first year I actually saw some on our street. Then, you have all of the rest of us who have our own fireworks. It is Buddy's favorite day of the year. Our neighbors are very nice and very fun and we sit out on the lawn drink beer and watch the shows. 

Last year, I had Joze in my pack! This year, she was in her crib snoozing through the whole thing. I was watching her in my monitor and even when the fireworks went off loud enough to set off car alarms she slept on. 

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Randi said...

The mortars going off in our hood were rattling Christa's windows when I put her to sleep. Glad my dogs aren't afraid of explosions!
Looks like a blast and I'm sorry we missed it!