Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Going on six

the sash is almost six! in just two weeks!

she's killing me these days. i can't get enough of her. i want to put her in my big ol purse and carry her around with me.

it might be that she is missing her two front teeth.

it might be that she can read and she wants to read me everything.

i cant get over her little expressions or the way she talks. this morning baby joze was being a howler monkey and sash said to her: relax josie, she's not going anywhere.


i remember when sash turned four and for the first time she was kind of a stinker, man. she turned into a crybaby and i didnt like it one bit. she'd never been a terrible two or three. but when she turned four everything made her cry.

i guess she grew out of that, and i dont remember her doing it really. but now she rarely cries. almost never. unless her feelers get hurt or she is really tired.

she can't get enough of her sissy. she always says LET ME SEE THAT BABY and just squishes her and kisses her all sloppy and opened mouth. poor little joze, but i think i'll take that over her trying to hurt her. ha!

she is so athletic and strong. she can do a perfect cartwheel. she is starting swimming again on monday so that will be good. she definitely takes after her dad.

she's trying all new foods now, even though she still loves mac n cheese and cucumber and candy the best.

she's done with kindergarten tomorrow and is such a big girl. i cant stand it.

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Randi said...

I really, really like her.