Wednesday, June 08, 2016

A year ago today

Yah! That was a year ago today. 

I was all set to have lunch with my girlfriends. I had on my giant maternity denim skirt and was getting my stuff together to get out of the house when WOOSH my water broke. DANG! That was crazy. It was all hot. Sorry, if that's too graphic. 

I called my mom and asked her to start making her way up from San Diego so she could get the Sash from daycare. She said sure, what did the doctor say? I said I didn't call the doctor, I called you!


I think I called Babe next. And I told him he had to head up from the OC because the baby was coming!

Then I called the doc and they said you have to go to the hospital. I said really can I wait for my husband? They said does he work around the corner? And I said no. So they said you have to come right now. 

I called Meg and cancelled lunch. 

So I got in the Subaru and drove down Inglewood. I called Randi on the way and she hollered at me for driving myself. What was I going to do, Uber? Call Samoi or Vincent? Too weird. 

I valet'd the car at Little Company of Mary and walked into the baby delivery section. 

They checked me over and said you are going to be here for a long time because she was way up high still. 

I said when can I get the epidural? They said you're not even having contractions yet. 

You see, I was afraid I was going to miss my chance like Joseph or Molly did. 

They said you can wait around or we can get it going for you. 

Mike showed up, by the way, sometime around then.

I said lets get it going!!

Then it started going FAST and it HURT so I said NOW CAN I HAVE AN EPIDURAL? 

And they said sure, and that shit hurt. Excuse my language. 

It still hurt, by the way, and they said they wanted to make sure I could feel it.

I could feel it.

My water broke at 10:30, I got checked in around 12:30, they gave me a drop of pitocin at 2 and then an epidural and then Josie made her way into the world at 5:55 or so. Three pushes. 

I cried SO HARD when she was here. I wanted her so bad and there she was. I have never felt that happy in my entire life. She looked EXACTLY like Sasha when she was born, even though they don't look alike at all now. 

A few hours later, my parents and Buddy and my sister Sunny came. It was a wonderful, magical day and I will never forget it. 

Here is Josie this morning, and I'll tell you more about her being one later. 


Randi said...

Yeah I still cannot believe you drove yourself. LOL

Ang said...

happy birthday sweet josie girl.