Wednesday, May 11, 2016

5 things, super fast

  1. Dude! It was so hot in Sacramento! I guess if you are in the middle of the state, you have no marine layer. It's so grey here and just a tad bit on the chilly side. You know I love this weather.
  2. This might be the busiest week I've had in a while. Yesterday was Sacramento, tomorrow after work is the doyers for Joseph's birthday and Friday is commencement - a joyous event for those participating in it, and the event most loathed by people who work at a university.
  3. This faux fit bit thing I have is really a game changer. I get up and walk more often, and strive for 10,000 steps a day. In order to get my 10,000 steps I have to walk about 75 minutes, so that usually boils down to two or three walks a day! GET UP!
  4. I want to call Josie Chewy because she makes this Chewbacca cry when she sees me and wants to get to me. I LOVE HER. 
  5. Nope, just four things. 

1 comment:

cindita said...

Why not just get a real Fitbit? Then we could be friends.