Monday, April 25, 2016

lots to see weekend pics

Last weekend, we spent time in Moorpark and La Canada, two very different parts of the LA Area. 
This weekend we were in Torrance and Malibu, also very different. 
 We went to the South Coast Botanical Gardens and saw the lego exhibit. It was great fun, really relaxing and beautiful. 
I had to work Sunday, but I worked at this tony house in Malibu, that used to be owned by Steven Spielberg. Here's me drinking champagne. 

The trees at the garden were outstanding. 


Randi said...

Looks great. I'm pretty sure we'll go up next Sunday if Brad's not working.

Lone Facet said...

I attended a few company events here and I must say that I was impressed every time. The event venues were aesthetically pleasing with very good decorations and seats. The place had a great layout overall, and was at a comfortable temperature.