Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow


  • Typical Monday, a staff meeting, a lot of work to do. Me and Buddy made home made pizza for dinner and we hung out and played with the Baby. Babe had no traffic and was home way before me. I went to bed so early. 
  • Babe left for San Diego in the Early Dark Hours and won't be back until tomorrow. We got up early and played and did all the things to get ready for the day, including making breakfasts and lunches, getting tiny people dressed. Playing. Meetings at work and prep for my gigantic event tomorrow. Tonight will be taking care of the younguns probably eating mac n cheese for dinner and certainly going to bed early. 
  • I have a meeting with the Dean, a board meeting, and my big event tomorrow night. And that is why I am here telling you about it. Nothing motivates me more to do things like blog, clean out my email, work on my lists than having one big thing right after another. 

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