Tuesday, March 15, 2016

This here blog

So, I've been writing this here blog since 2004. I have over 3000 posts!

In any case, over the years I've identified a handful of people who I want to read my blog but that I just know won't ever go to there on the internet. Like my sister, Sunny. She loves me, I love her. Best to email the blog directly to her way, though.

Sometimes, it's a firewall issue. My pal Dave can't go online at work (or whatever.)

Obviously, Husband is one of the ten because you know. Work.

So, over the years, I have added people to the "email blog" part of this blog. You can only send it to 10 email addresses.  In a lot of ways, it must seem like I'm emailing those 10 people every day. And I love that!

Welp, the email thing isn't working right now. I'm hoping it comes back soon but for now, I hope those people miss me enough to surf the web because until then they are missing pictures of Josie eating and my haiku.

So, that's what that test was yesterday. My ten people, they didn't get it.

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