Wednesday, March 16, 2016

boob walk!

The first time I did the boob walk was in 2008 - all by myself in the city of new york! 

It was crazy fun to walk all over four of the five boroughs. Training was so easy and fun because all I did was walk back then. I used to walk home from NYU to Brooklyn at least three times a week and then go on these crazy day long walks on the weekend.

The second time was way more fun because I did the walk in Santa Barbara with my sisters! I trained much more haphazardly, but I used to walk every day. I had this dumb job at UCLA and I used to walk every day for an hour at lunch. The walk itself was gorgeous. Santa Barbara is freaking beautiful. 

I'm doing it again in September with my sisters and I'm so excited! I can't walk home from work here, but I can walk during lunch and when I get home. I've already raised almost half the money and that's only through putting it on Facebook. I'm looking forward to it.

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