Thursday, February 11, 2016

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow


  • I had a long day! I stayed home in the morning for a bit so my nanny could straighten our her health insurance issues (ongoing). I came to work, went to a workshop, came back to work, went to a reception, did some work, went to dinner, went home, went to bed. Woke up 45 minutes later to nurse Josie. HA! 


  • I have a pile of work to be done and most of it is interesting and or good. My little baby seems to be feeling better but the tooth poking through her top gum is making her a little bit angry. Me and Buddy cuddled this morning and we did sentences for her homework. I don't know what to make for dinner tonight. 

  • I think it's going to be a great day tomorrow. I only have one meeting and I think I'm going to lunch with Vincent before he moves to the East Coast. (See what I did there?) Tomorrow is Friday night so we'll probably go out to the club. Just kidding. 

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Randi said...

The club.