Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Today, tomorrow, and yesterday


  • I am at work today. It's a pretty standard Wednesday, meaning I have a couple of meetings, a few events I am working on, and, of course, plenty of pumping to do. The sun is shining a little bit and we have a lunch at el cholo to celebrate the new girl here. 

  • I have taken a rare vacation day for tomorrow! We are going to Disneyland for my sister's beeday! Me, and the two girls + sister + a friend from work. I think Babe is going to join us in the early evening, so I can take the baby home and Buddy can party til the end of time. 

  • The sun never came out yesterday and it sort of felt stupid and dreary all day. My meetings were no fun and I got bullied into taking on a project by a lady with more power than me. On the upside, though, me and Buddy cuddled on the couch while Sissy napped. Buddy watching Monster High, while I drank wine and read on my kindle. I had cheese and crackers for dinner which probably wasn't the best choice. HA! 

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Ang said...

cheese and crackers for dinner is always good!