Thursday, December 03, 2015

Out of office

I took the day today to deal with stuff. I went to Geico, got an estimate for the car. About $3,000 to fix it, I pay the deductible ($500) until they get it back from the guy who ran into me.

Went to CHP to get the police report, in Torrance.

Tried to get a new phone but ended up in a full on rage at the phone store.

Flu shot. Nap. Folding clothes. A few work emails but not a lot.

Little Joze is all better I think. At least I think so. She didn't have a fever anymore this morning. Everyone keeps telling me it's her teeth. She is definitely teething, so  I guess that could be it?

Here's another cute pic from Thanksgiving!

And here's Joze eating bananas:

She looks like any one of my sisters or me as a baby in that pic.

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Randi said...

Sucks about handling business, yo, but those are some goshdarn cute photos.