Wednesday, December 09, 2015


  • As you saw, little Joze is six months old and a day!
  • She weighs 20.1 pounds. Hefty little baby. That puts her in the 98th percentile for weight. Bleesh. She's tall at 28 inches, off the percentile chart.
  • In terms of milestones, she's right on target. She can sit up for awhile before she flops over. She likes to eat her little foods - bananas, and apples, and pears and whatever else. Sweet potatoes are her favorite. She takes two bottles a day while I'm at work and has been holding her bottle for about a month I think. She still takes about 3 naps a day, two short and one long(ish). She can turn over and usually get herself back to the other side, but not consistently.
  • She got four vaccines today!
  • Little Buddy got her first report card. She got all 4s except for one 3. The three was for this: "Uses combination of drawing, dictating and writing to compose narrative, opinion, and informative/explanatory pieces." Got that?
  •  I have more than one meeting every day this week.
  • Joze sleeps pretty good...until about 3am then she's up for an hour or sometimes two, just chatting and talking. She's so cute. I want to throw myself from the window. But my house is only one story.
  • I have 75 Christmas cards, on my table, at home, wrapped in plastic just waiting. Waiting to be sent out.
  • We have 16 days til Christmas?

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Randi said...

98th percentile. Kickass!