Thursday, December 17, 2015

christmas lists!

The past two years, I created a wee Christmas list on my blog for all* to see.

I started working on this year's and I realized I don't really want anything (except jewelry, of course. And a subscription to the dry bar. And boots from Nordstrom's.)

I know what a I really want.

I would like some time.

I would like many hours to clean out my house and all the kid's clothes and toys and my closet. I would like to go through the drawers in the bathroom and throw away the stuff we've amassed over the last two years living in this house.

I would like to make a hair appointment any time of the day and go get my hair cut. I'd like to schedule a massage. I'd like to go grocery shopping and make several healthy meals, not frozen pizza or mac n cheese.

I would like to have a glass of wine with my husband while wearing a pretty top that I bought at a nice store (to match my new boots from Nordies, of course) and then a lovely dinner.

So, how bout that Santa? I've been super good.



Randi said...

You deserve it, dude.
I had to squeeze in grocery shopping at lunch because tonight I have to run yet another errand. It's amazing how having a job and two kids and a spouse can zap your free time.

Ang said...

you can go on a date this weekend. i'll be there to hang with my nieces!