Monday, October 19, 2015

wknd pics

we had our weekend turn upside down because there were mudslides on the five so dear gabs couldnt come! instead, we had grandparents over and then headed to oxnard to play with the vierneses.
we have been using the same bouncy chair that buddy had, so it's well over 5 years old. look at josie's excitement at having a new chair! oh the support! 

it was the santa clara elementary school fiesta which was perfect for the children. lots of bouncies, some lumpia and a cake walk! 

hottie husband and cute baby. 

i've always like the big tall trees by santa clara church 

here's buddy playing soccer

and heres buddy making a necklace

and here are josie's thighs. 

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Randi said...

I am definitely super happy to have benefited from Gabs' loss.