Wednesday, October 14, 2015

My summer vacation

Our summer vacation this year was to Portland! We visited the Long Beach crew, who no longer live in long beach. 

Joze took her first flight. 

And stared at her dada. 

We went to sooo many breweries. 

And practiced duckface. 

we hiked in the woods. 

and played on the porch. 

There were a lot of children. 

These two girls were BFF for a few days. 

I took a lot of pictures of this baby. Who was two months old! 

we played in the shadow of mt hood. 

and drew spiders in the sand. 

and floated in the lake. 

and generally just ran around. 

Even played cornhole. 

Look at the baby! Look at the baby! 

and played in rad parks on the banks of the river. 

Go bears! 

There were many waterfalls. 

The kids were so fun. 

And then we flew home! 

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cindita said...

I loved every minute of that!