Thursday, October 15, 2015

Misc. Updates

  • Did I tell you at my boss's wedding I made two new friends that I love? Anyways, one of the guys was named Blaine! You heard me. Blaine! So I said, "Blaine! That's not a name that's a major appliance!" Haha, I'm so funny. And I said how often do people say that do you when they meet you? And he said about every 6 weeks. Welp. There you go. Equally exciting as his name is that he is very good friends with one of my favorite people who lives in NYC. So. Crazy. I found out because I added him on The Facebook before we parted for the evening and saw that we had a mutual friend. So we freaked out and sent good old PeepMadden a picture of us together. See? Facebook. It's good for some things. 
  • A car crash occurred right in front of my house yesterday. As in, I was sitting on the couch holding a sleeping Joze (awww) and Buddy was watching shows when I saw an SUV run right into a parked car and a moving car. Dang! Babe went out there, cuz he's a dad and that is what dad's do. Am I right, people? Anyways, the lady got out of her car and turns out she was totally on drugs. She gave her information to the people who she ran into and the guy across the street who owns the parked car and then she said, "I gotta go." And Babe was like, um, lady, look at your car, you're not going anywhere. (Cuz the front wheel was tipped over at an angle.) And she got into her car and drove off, with sparks flying off the car the whole way. Crazy! Well, sure enough a few minutes later her husband comes back, says his wife was effed up on drugs from the hospital (mmmhmmmm) and he wants to just pay everyone for their trouble. At that point, Babe came back inside.
  • I'm not sure if I told you, but Jozie laughs now and she also found her feet. I seem to remember 4 months being when they really become like little Gerber babies and she does not disappoint. I don't have any pics but I will snap some tonight.
  • Work has been good so far, mainly getting organized and reminding myself what my job is. I have my first event tonight so that will be the first time I haven't raced home to be able to nurse Josie at 5pm. We'll both be just fine. 
  • How are you guys? I feel like all I do is talk about myself. 

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Randi said...

Facebook is good for some things. Like Yaks.