Monday, October 05, 2015

First day back!

Weekend pics to follow.

I made it. Back in my sparkling clean office with a view of Los Angeles that stretches all the way down to the South Bay. I can see the planes landing at LAX in the distance.

The commute was like riding a bike; I even did my make up as I rolled up Vermont.

I wasn't able to cry when leaving the house because of Buddy! She is so big now I had to be very brave and very strong. It was super hard not only because I miss her and the Joze terribly but because Buddy gave me all these things to take with me so I wouldn't miss her too much. Like her little halloween toy that lights up. She made sure it was in my bag.

But I can cry at work with reckless abandon and so I shall!

I'll toss you some pics in a bit. We had a wonderful weekend.

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Randi said...

Sweet Sasha
You can do it!