Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Three months today!

Little Josie is 3 months old today! I'll get you a photo later. Obviously.

I was just reading about when Buddy turned 3 months old. I learned a few things. I went back to work when Buddy was 12 weeks old. I always thought it was 13 weeks. Anyways I had a terrible time of it and it looks like I spent a lot of time crying. I do remember that.

So, Josie is three months old. She coos a lot and smiles all the time. I think she's learning to laugh? It's a funny noise. She eats like a champ and will take a bottle now from her dad and her auntie. She is a tall girl. She has blue/grey eyeballs. Her hair is sorta brown and seems straight but its still a pixie cut. She catnaps in the morning then takes a solid afternoon nap. She goes to sleep around 8pm and sleeps until 2am, sometimes 4am. One time 6. Ha! It sure is nice to have a baby.

I owe you weekend pics!

Here is Josie's 3 month pic, followed by Buddy's.


The Sash.


Randi said...

The resemblance is definitely there!

Nancy gurl said...

Sash is all BABE!

What adorable girls, so lovely and delicious!