Wednesday, August 12, 2015


  • I have no lunch date today. This is on purpose so I may get us ready for our trip to Oregon! That means laundry and bagel bites.
  • I went to the LAX Courthouse to pick up the New Baby's birth certificate. Funny story - all parking is metered and the meters only take quarters. Each quarter is worth five minutes. I had 6 quarters. The line was at least 20 people. So yeah. I think I'll go back tomorrow. 
  • I signed up with to start the nanny search. BAH. 
  • Buddy starts kindergarten in two weeks! Perhaps more importantly (to her, at least), is that she has a loose tooth! 
  • Buddy has been swimming now for 7 full weeks; we are in the 8th. She can swim like a fish and is comfortable without floaties. I'm not yet comfortable without her floaties, but she is. Luckily the community pool where she does lessons is extending for 3 more sessions in the fall. So, she can keep getting her swim on. 
  • I'm doing just fine you guys. I love being on leave and have a nice routine and have kept up with a lot of folks. I also take a lot of time for just me and Josie. I have just shy of two months left and I'm not sure how I feel about that. 

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Randi said...

You're kicking ass on your maternity leave, dude. I squandered mine on OITNB.
Ha! Safe travels and have a fun vacay.