Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tuesday updates

- Josie is six weeks old (and a day). I told Babe I can't believe Josie is six weeks but then I thought six weeks isn't very old. She is still brand new.

- i have ten more weeks of leave (at least). Hopefully it goes by slowly and when it is done I feel ready to go back and not devastated. 

- Did you know Josie is a little dinosaur because of all the noises she makes?

- I am at doc for my six week check up. When I did this with Buddy I took the subway in and wore her. Some nurse had to hold her during my check up and she screamed like mad. This time, I drove and Josie is asleep next to me.  

- I am not so interesting these days so thanks for sticking with me. I spend most of my time nursing. Haha.

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