Thursday, June 04, 2015

June Gloom!

Dude, so growing up in the coastal town of Oxnard, June Gloom was my life! I don't think they called it that. I guess it was called the "Marine Layer?" What it basically amounts to is an overcast sky from morning til mid to late afternoon. And it is frequent in the month of June.

So, you know me, you know I love weather. Of any type. I love the rain, I love the sun, I freaking love it when it snows. I like a variation I guess is what I'm saying.

Moving to SoCal nearly four years ago, I gave up on that. There's no variation, dude. At least the first couple of years we were here we had some rain, sometimes.

Our little tiny box in Culver City was in no way air tight, so if it rained you would get dribbles pretty much all over the house. Then, about two years ago the rain just went and dried on up. It has probably rained 5 times in the last two years?

Anywho, this year we are really getting our share of June Gloom and I freaking love it. It's all cozy and grey and cozy. And grey. It's not all hot. For once.

Thats all.


Randi said...

May gray.
June gloom.
Marine layer.
Any which way you cut it, I'll be watching the fireworks through fog come fourth of July. Bet me.

urbangirl said...

june gloom. this is where you and i differ.