Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Buddy Vacation

So, Buddy is off of school this week which would usually mean all kinds of excursions because vacation is awesome.

However, I have a two week old baby and had a baby two weeks ago so not so much with the excursions.

We made a little "Buddy Vacation List" and here it is:

- Get a toy
- Go to a museum
- Go to a movie
- Go swimming 
- Go biking every day
- Have fun at home 
- Kiss baby, hold her and hug her

She is in swim lessons, which her dad takes her to. We definitely go biking every day. No one has ever kissed a baby more than Buddy with Josie. We got a toy at Targer yesterday.

Today we are attempting the movie. Say Good Luck!


1 comment:

Randi said...

Keep killing it, Cod! You're pulling double duty so you're twice as dope a mom as you already were.