Tuesday, May 05, 2015


  1. Happy Cinco de Mayo folks! Why on earth do we celebrate the Battle of Puebla from 1862? I don't know. But I think it means I'm getting tacos for lunch!! 
  2. Let's talk about pregnant. I am now 34 and a half weeks pregnant so I have 5 and a half weeks to go. Or, 7 weeks if Buddy is any indication. 
  3. I think I told you this already but I get 4 months of paid leave time from my work. It's not paid 100%, I'm not sure why it was at NYU. At NYU we got 12 weeks of paid leave. Here, you get 2 weeks at 100%, 8 weeks at 80% and 6 weeks at 55%. And you can take up to one year unpaid, but I think my boss would have an anuerysm. Also, you know, bills. 
  4. Yesterday was Cindy's beeday. Today is Mila's beeday!! Cinco de Mila, you know! Tomorrow is my sister JOY's beeday! Happy beeday everybody!

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Randi said...

Can't you apply through CA disability for 12 weeks of pay like I did?