Tuesday, April 21, 2015


  1. I was listening to KROQ this morning, like I always do, and Jon Cryer was on. That's Ducky Dale from Pretty in Pink. He is fifty years old now. Wow. And he's got an autobiography out that I think would be fun to listen to because he's been in show biz for so long and started in the 80s, my favorite time in movies. I stinkin loved the Rob Lowe autobiography for similar reasons. 
  2. I've got about seven weeks left of work, if Bruno stays put where he or she belongs. In between now and the end of my time here I have three events that I am in charge of. Oh how I laugh and laugh. 
  3. I am 32 weeks pregnant and some change, so that means about 8 and a half months. We are finally getting the room ready. Sort of. 
  4. My dreams are just horrifying, to be honest. Pregnant dreaming is already the craziest. Last night I dreamt that I lost Buddy in a mall with Casey and that my sibling had her fourth kid. But no dreams of this little baby yet. He or she is just a mystery. 
  5. I went to the eye doctor yesterday to get my ojos checked out. I leaned over to grab my purse and the doc grabbed it for me and said you shouldn't be leaning over like that. I wondered what kind of world this lady was living in. Not only do I do multiple hours of yoga a week, I also have a four almost five year old that I am playing with constantly. Whatever though. 

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Randi said...

Pregnancy is a delicate time.