Wednesday, April 15, 2015


I know *nothing* is more fascinating that me talking about my commute!

So, in advance I say: You're Welcome.

Yesterday, when I left work I was met with a wall of traffic because of protesters! You know I love a good protest just as much as the next. And, I'm super pissed off that the cops keep killing unarmed people of color. I am. And I get it, protesters should be disruptive. So there is that.

But man. It sure does stink when they are blocking the commute home and all the streets are shut down and you have to wait to get to the freeway for half an hour. But, at least they weren't on the freeway per se.


Then, this morning I noticed a lot of helicopters hanging in the air. And I turned on the KNX 1070 and sure enough! There was  a suspicious vehicle parked near the airport so they had closed all the streets near LAX. And by streets I mean main thorough fares like Sepulveda and Aviation and the 105 freeway.

Then, as I inched closer to my on ramp, I noticed a lot of police and fire men. And lo! There was an injury accident on the street getting on the freeway.


Anyway! I made it everybody.


Randi said...

The other day when you were talking about getting to the Dodger game and all the other routes you could take, you absolutely sounded like that SNL sketch.

urbangirl said...

the 105 freeway