Thursday, March 12, 2015

preschool day!

the preschool presentation went great. my power point was well received. ha! just kidding, i didn't do a powerpoint. it was cute though and they liked it and i loved doing it.

to start, i taught them how to say namaste. that was freaking adorable.

i passed around two spices, cardamom and garam masala and they all freaked out. haha. not fans of the smells.

i asked them who had heard of christopher columbus. (only a few had) and i said that a long, long time ago people didn't have refrigerators. and one of the kids said they didn't have cars either. i said you're right. anyways, without refrigerators people's food got kind of yucky and didn't taste very good. so, spices were a huge deal back then. so, that's what christopher columbus was doing - looking for spices. and he landed in america. and he thought he was in india. and he thought the native americans were indians, so thats how come native americans are called indians.

minds were blown, people. blown.

i showed them a bunch of saris and wrapped them around a bunch of the kids.

i brought coloring pages and they liked them a lot i could tell.

this morning before school, heated up a bunch of naan from trader joes (the samosas were way too spicy for kids!) and passed them out. almost everyone had a piece and most of them loved it!

what else?

i put buddy's little outfit her grandpa got her from india on her and the girls just about fell over from the awesomeness.

i told babe i might become a preschool teacher. except they make a fraction of what i make for working about ten times as hard as i do.

so! that's how you teach preschoolers about india.

the end.

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